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The most important and almost the most used energy source of our time is undoubtedly electric energy. Established in 2014, Perla Renewable Energy Inc. has started to invest in environmentally friendly renewable and portable energy sources instead of conventional energy sources.

Perla Renewable Energy continues to develop optimum solutions for the benefit of society and humanity, having spent many projects in theory and practice to meet the demand for environmentally friendly renewable and portable energy resources. To summarize the services we have developed in this context.

Something About Us

Our company, which has the right pride of providing quality and cheap energy in all our activities which are focused on human and environment in the light of international standards, continues to progress without knowing. Our company, which closely follows technological developments and integrates rapidly into its projects, is rapidly moving towards becoming an energy giant in the near future.

And Also We Provide Few Services, They are:

  • Turnkey Solar Plant Installation

  • Solar Power Point Repairs

  • Solar Power Plant AMC

  • Custom Solar System Service

Harnessing the Real Power of Solar Energy


States Covered


Million Watts Installed


Tonns of Co2 is Migrated


Trees Planted

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